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Often our customers already own their own lot in an existing community or their own acreage. In those cases we can design their new home and take advantage of their land and still work to stay within their budget. Our pricing includes the cost of plans and we help with creative input, and suggestions, as much or little as you like every step of the way.

Regardless if your budget is $300,000 or $2,000,000 we can design/build your dream home on your property just the way you want it.

Additionally, even on your own land we still provide a “StrucSure” 10-year structural warranty for your new Harrison Home.  Ten full years of warranty, including parts and labor, for your air conditioning and heating systems.

We pride ourselves on building the beautiful custom home each customer envisions.  You bring us your vision and we can build it!



Often home buyers want to try building their new home themselves on their own property. HARRISON HOMES has recently added a new service for these types of clients to make it easier for this goal to be achieved.

We are now offering our clients nearly 40 years of residential building experience to draw from. There are hundreds of questions to consider when building your own home, such as:

  • Should I use a steel foundation or a post-tension foundation? And where do I buy the steel and/or cables, etc?
  • Do I need piers, or will a monolithic slab-on-grade without piers be good enough?
  • What is a geotechnical soils report and why should I get one?
  • Which type of insulation should I use: foam, rock-wool, fiberglass, or something else?
  • What are the benefits (if any) for framing with 2” X 6” vs. 2” X 4” walls?
  • What type of windows should I use? And when are they ordered, delivered; and who installs them?
  • How do I pay suppliers and subcontractors?
  • What porta-potty service should I use?
  • What about a supplier’s or a subcontractor’s general liability insurance?
  • What is required for our bank or mortgage company?
  • How do I get utilities to my property?
  • What construction inspections are required? And what type should I get even if it is not required?
  • What is necessary to obtain a building permit?


We offer you 2 ways to utilize our consulting services: a contract agreement or an hourly agreement.

Contract Consulting:

  • Guarantees you a fixed hourly rate for the duration of the construction of your new home. The fee will not go up even if it takes a year or more to complete your new home.
  • You only pay for services you use since there are no minimum hours per month.
  • When you need on-sight supervision there are no mileage or travel fees charged.
  • A very smart way to obtain all of the consultation you will need to build your custom home.
  • The use of our conference room and TV for presentations during consultation.
  • Guarantees a lower hourly fee than the Hourly Consulting agreement.
  • The contingency fee charged at the contract signing is credited toward your last billing balance.


Hourly Consulting:

  • A perfect plan for those who only want a few hours of consultation.
  • Provides all of the above services with no contract, but a higher hourly rate.
  • Hourly fees must be paid at the time consultation.
  • Mileage and travel fees apply.
  • Hourly fee may increase.
  • No contingency fee.


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